Why Everyone Wants to Move to Melbourne

Everyone who is anyone has heard of Melbourne, Australia and knows it’s been voted time and again as one of the most liveable cities there is. It has an outstanding café culture and the friendly locals are just what you would expect in a city so vibrant and beautiful. There is an enthusiasm for connections with new people and an unhurried pace of life that makes it magnetic for those visiting; they never want to leave! Melburnians are some of the nicest and most hospitable people you could meet and with its unique blend of nature and culture, Victoria’s coastal capital ranks as one of the best urban destinations so if you are relocating to Melbourne, you already know you’re in for a treat of a lifetime.


It doesn’t matter who you speak to, every local in Melbourne whether born there or whether they followed their feet there will tell you all about its abundance of green spaces, world-class restaurants and easy to use transport system. Really, what’s not to love? In Melbourne your style, personality or background have no bearing you can truly be yourself. The sheer diversity of cultural offerings is enough to drawn one to the coast of Melbourne – it has something for everyone. Sports enthusiast? Great, the Etihad Stadium nearby along with numerous events such as the Australian Open and the Australian Football League are there for you to dip a toe into. Finding furnished apartments for rent Melbourne has never been easier when you’re in such an accommodating city. Not so much a sports fan? That’s just fine too, as you can soak up the culture at the numerous galleries, world class exhibitions and even finding great convention centre Melbourne accommodation is easy when you know where to look.

It’s not just the culture you’ll find in the city, you can head over to any of the numerous green spaces and beaches and feel right at home. Everyone will be ready to clink their glass of wine next to yours and if you’re looking to just get out onto the ocean you’re able to charter a yacht from Port Phillip with ease. There are so many options whether you’re travelling alone, with friends or with family. Even businessmen who are there just for local conventions and meetings can wind down in one of the many artisanal coffee shops that are on practically every street in Melbourne. You can’t move for markets spilling out into the streets and hearing the butchers and fishermen up for the day shouting to sell their wares can sound rather operatic when they really get worked up.

Melbourne has something for everyone no matter what your background or where you are arriving from and it really is one of the most versatile cities in the world. Plenty to do, plenty to see and plenty of places to stay mean that there’s everything ripe for the picking.


The Best Places to See Koalas in Victoria

Koalas and Australia go together like rice and peas or peanut butter and jam. They go hand in hand and it wouldn’t be a trip to Australia without making a point of seeing the country’s most loved animal. Victoria is famous for offering visitors the chance to see Australia’s unique wildlife roaming free in the wild. If you’ve gone over to www.apartmentsofmelbourne.com.au and booked your holiday apartment then you need to get looking at the best places to go and see some koalas so in this article we have listed for you the best places you can do this.


  • Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve:

This was declared as the first national park in 1892 and it’s just the ideal place to get up close and personal with the most iconic native birds and animals including emus, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, seasonal reptiles and of course, the koalas.  The park itself is actually a thirty thousand year old extinct volcano which makes it a fascinating place to take the kids and spot some nature. This natural wonder is a short drive past Warrnambool at the end of Great Ocean Road. You can go on a Worn Gundidj guided walking tour to make the most of your trip which the whole family would love!

  • Echidna Walkabout:

If you are looking for an award-winning experience, head here. Echidna Walkabout won the ‘Best for Wildlife Conservation’ award at the 2014 World Responsible Travel Awards in London. Their koala spotting opportunities are just endless and the proceeds go to furthering research and development so by visiting you’re doing a good deed! There are tours on offer including a one-day Koalas and Kangaroos in-the-wild tour and a four-day Wildlife Journey tour that you can take with the whole family. If you’ve booked online at www.apartmentsofmelbourne.com.au you should be able to see any discounts and deals on walking tours that you can do.

  • Kennett River

About an hour along the Great Ocean Road you can visit this little nugget that should just not be missed. You can take the koala walk with your camera at the ready and it’s one of the top places to find koalas snoozing up high in the gum trees. Once you’ve had enough of playing eye spy with these marsupials, keep heading down the Great Ocean Road for a fantastic spot for a picnic with the whole family.

  • Healesville Sanctuary

The famous Sanctuary is home to some of the country’s most endearing wildlife including the koala! The koalas roam freely in the bush land and there are special boardwalks that take you up branch level which is just wonderful for checking out sleeping koalas. Located over in Yarra Valley an hour out of Melbourne and a region famous for its cellar doors and farm gates, you can get your road trip started here.

There are plenty of places across Victoria to witness the beauty of Koalas and all you have to do is check out your local tourist office for more information.




Top Ten Christmas Getaways!

Some of you out there must love making lists, going up to the attic or storage cupboards to find the decorations and even being excited to wake up early on Christmas morning to get started on the Christmas dinner you waited all year for. But if the thought of the holiday season at home again with the endless round of family visits and visitors feels like too much hard work, why not change things up? We have an excellent idea for you: why not take off on a relaxing get away? Or failing that, go online and look up some fantastically festive Christmas market breaks.


There are so many options out there for an exciting break away from it all over the festive season and in this guide we’ve put together something that will give you tips on where to go. We don’t just focus on the coach holidays you can take around the UK but on the sun seekers destinations. Have a look through the guide and see whether there’s anything that takes your fancy!

  • Malta: At Christmas, Malta lights up with lots of decorations from the beachside cafes and bars to the historical streets and churches of the country’s capital. The compact, cosy little island is perfect for exploring the ancient fortified towns and neighbouring tiny Gozo, or simply relaxing in your seaside resort hotel.
  • Spain: Choosing to stay in the lively city of Barcelona for a short break and explore the wild coast of the Costa Brava on Christmas Day. Or, spend Christmas Day relaxing in a hotel spa in the hills of Andalucia, enjoying various trips to Seville, home of the flamenco and Granada with its beautiful palaces.
  • Cyprus: The town of beautiful Paphos will be looking forward to its year as European Capital of Culture this year over Christmas and you can join the celebrations over Christmas Eve dinner and perhaps a visit from the Cypriot Father Christmas for the kids! The mild winter weather is better to handle than the colder weather in the English countryside! It’s perfect for visiting the archaeological sites!
  • Portugal: If you choose to base yourself in the peaceful resort of Estoril, you’ll be among gorgeous seaside walks and only a short hop from the beautiful city of Lisbon and the perfect base for sightseeing in the former royal playground of Sintra. Head south to the Algarve if you are able to. It is the sunshine coast of the country is absolutely and perfect at Christmas time.
  • Canary Island Cruise: Not many people know this, but you can sail south to the sun on a Christmas and New Year cruise from Bristol. Christmas Day is spent celebrating at sea and Boxing Day in Gibraltar on a two week cruise to the canary islands and Madeira, 500 miles from the coast of Africa in the Atlantic.

Getting ready for a wedding dress


A wedding is the only time we will be looking for a wedding dress. It is the most exciting and best experience for a bride. Is not something you can decide by looking at it, and it’s not the same as picking out your everyday outfit and just going with it. Looking for a wedding dress is a very long process and is not always easy. Avoid going to wedding dress shop who had a bad reputation, you will be saving yourself from tears and embarrassment. There is a lot way to make wedding dress shopping easy and fun as possible. Here is some list for a quick guide that you can use to ease up your planning phase. Many experience brides says it is worth to remember. If you are starting to plan for your wedding dress, do check this out https://www.joyceyoungcollections.co.uk.

You should think about what kind of wedding dress is appropriate for your wedding theme. There is a lot of wedding theme you can choose namely; formal ballroom reception, a beach wedding, outdoor wedding, restaurant dinner, or you just want to have a casual wedding. It is also important to compliment your wedding dress to your wedding theme, so that wearing a wedding dress in front of everyone will not seem off to them.

Know your body shape for a dress and your personal style. You cannot wear a wedding dress if you are comfortable with it, it will be awkward and embarrassing. Knowing what you want in a dress can really help you ease up on deciding what you want from a wedding dress. Consider in checking your choices, your height, waistlines, necklines, trains, sleeves, and so on. You need to find a wedding dress which fit you perfectly by your choices and personal taste. Check this website for wedding dresses https://www.joyceyoungcollections.co.uk.

Knowing your budget for a wedding dress is also important. Buying something you cannot afford is a very bad investment in your part. Look for alternatives, do not get stuck at some choices. There are a lot to choose from, you just have to look for it. You can also borrow money from anyone close to you if you do not have any other choice. There is cheap wedding dress you could find but still a good one. Do not forget to talk about this with your future husband; you do not want him to choke on the price. There are a lot to consider for a budget like your shoes, bridesmaid, and accessories. Save up money as soon possible so that you can spend it on important things.

Plan early so that you can give yourself some enough time in looking for a wedding dress. Start looking earlier rather than late. So that you can have many options and alternative ways to solve your problems. Save yourself some time in planning and making decision starting from looking for a dress, a venue for your wedding, choosing your bridesmaids, and looking beautiful in your wedding day. Make sure you will consider all the options you have, so that you will not regret it after. Do not buy something that is out of your budget.

Five tips on how to find the best wedding dress without the stress


Shopping dresses is a complicated thing for women.  How much more if it’s for their wedding dress?  It could be stressful or fun.  An elegant wedding dress is every woman’s dream.   Here are some tips to help in choosing the best wedding dress for you.

  1. Consider the venue

You need first to decide on the venue before the dress not vice versa.  Knowing the venue will help in looking for the best wedding dress.  If the venue is quite windy, you don’t want to have a dress that will have a material that is easily blown away or cover your face on photos. It will be a few hours event and the wedding dress you’re in should also be comfortable.

  1. Do your research

Ask friends and relatives that are already married. You can check online first for the dress you like.  They will give your ideas on what type of dress you might like. This is the part when you can have your fiancé help you in deciding.  You can just simply browse on the pictures online and he will point which ones he likes for you.  Do your shopping online, you can check out this link https://www.joyceyoungcollections.co.uk/

  1. Get the wedding dress for your body type

A beautiful dress when worn by models may look great on pictures but might not be so good for you.  Check first your body type.  There are types of dresses that only match a certain body type.  Your wedding dress should emphasize your body curves in a good way.  The dress should not overpower your beauty.  You are the center of attraction on your wedding day, not the dress.  Your wedding dress should complement you in such a way that enhances your beauty.

  1. Feel the fabric

After doing your research online and asking friends, head on to the shop of your choice.  Have your self-fitted.  While you’re on it, feel the fabric.  Check not just the outside material but also the linings inside the dress.  Many brides have experienced discomfort on their wedding day because they forgot to check the insides of the dress.  Be meticulous. Don’t compromise your comfort over the design.

  1. Take your time

You are a bride to be. Don’t feel bad if people are waiting for you.  They understand how important this is for you.  Choosing the best wedding dress might be the hardest decision you will make.  Have your fiancé with you.  He will be the best support system you will have while deciding on your wedding dress.  Having your mother and friends around will also help.   They could be more outspoken than your fiancé.

Shopping for your wedding dress should not to be stressful.  It should be fun.  With the help of your fiancé, friends and family it will be a fun adventure.   Do your research and shop around or have it customized.  Nothing will beat the smile you get once you see the wedding dress that is meant for you.

What to Look for When Hiring a Wedding Planner


If you are looking for a wedding planner that you can hire for your wedding, you need to make sure that you find the right one. Your choices at http://www.carmelaweddings.co.uk should be more than enough and it can be a little overwhelming when you have too many choices to select from. This is why you need to see to it that you ask the right questions so at the end of the day. You get to be assisted by one that is not going to disappoint you with the results they will get.

Ask if the planner will be available on the date that you will want to hold the wedding. It matters that you will find one who is going to be free on the date that you have chosen, if there is really this one planner that you would rely love to work with, what you can do is to get your dates be flexible so in the vent that he may be occupied and booked on a certain date, you can move the wedding date to when he would be present and ready to assist you.

See if this planner from http://www.carmelaweddings.co.uk/wedding-planner-london happens to have worked with a lot of these kinds of events before. It is important that they have extensive experience in handling these kinds of events before. This way, they would know the things that they need to do to ensure that at the end of the day, you get to be assisted by very experienced people who would know exactly what it is that they need to do to ensure that you get your dream wedding on your big day.

Find out if he has worked with a wedding in the same budget range that you are set to send for this one, it is important that he has so you are sure that he knows how to stretch the finances to fit the kind of vision that you have as far as this wedding goes. You need to see too if he has handled several events before with the same price range so you are sure that he knows what he needs to do to ensure that you get to make the most out of what you are going to spend.

love-1284492_960_720See if he has the right contacts as far as florists, caterers, and other vendors too. You need to make sure about having a planner who has the necessary connections so he knows what he needs to do, where he needs to go, and who he has to associated with order for him to gather everything that you are going to need. With this, you are confident that he can easily get the whole event set and organized as efficiently as possible.

Ask for picture of past events that he has successfully covered too you need to see how he has put things together and you need to be sure that you are going for a provider that will be able to get the whole event set and organize kind manner that you know you will really like. Remember, you may have visions and ideas on how the actual day is going to be like. You need a planner that can make all that happen for you.


What to Look for in a Wedding Planner

 If you are walking down the aisle soon, you will certainly be hard-pressed in getting the preparations started. Planning a wedding is no joke what with all the things that need to be done before the actual date. This is why most people would actually prefer to have the whole event be banked on the hands of an expert, if you plan on hiring a planner at http://www.ukawp.com to oversee things for you, see to it that you know how to actually find a very good one.

Do start by deciding on the kind of wedding that you want, you have to be sure of what kind of theme you want  to prevail for the entire event as this will help you get a good idea on where to start as to finding a planner that can get it done for you. You will need to pick your date ahead of time too. You will need this to determine if the prospect that you have is going to be available to assist you on that day. Also, finalizing your guest list before calling an organizer in is not a bad idea either.

You will then need to start gathering the name of possible providers that you can refer to, what you need to do this time is make sure that you get at least five names of possible planners that you can hire, if you have no idea where you can get their names, talk to people you know. You might have friends or family members who have tied the knot recently. They can certainly give you an overview of the kind of wedding they had and the kind of planner they hired to pull it off.

Once you have gathered enough names, the next step is to find out more information about them. You will need to narrow down your choices so you will start by doing your homework. Get to know them, their expertise and their level of experience. The reputation established by these planners in the industry should also be taken into account so you are sure that they will not be disappointing.


You are going to need to find out if these are legit people that you are referring to, too. You must have heard of those horror stories of couples getting duped by fake planners who are just out there ready to prey on unsuspecting couples and taking their hard-earned money away. Ask for licenses. Ask for business permits. As for other credentials that will help make it easier for you to verify that indeed, these are people that you ought to be referring to.

Find out about the services that they are offering as well. You will certainly want to find out about the things that you can expect from these providers if you are ever going to seek out their services, take a look at the work that they have done in the past too. You need to see their portfolio to give you an idea of what services can be expected from them if they are tapped to assist you come your big day. Also, do not forget to ask for references so you would know what to expect base don’t he accounts of past clients they have assisted.


Why is Hum Marriage the best Muslim Matchmaking site for you?


If you are single and are very eager to find a prospect wife or husband, you need to ask for some help. This is also very significant to those Muslim men and women, since they are only allowed to marry the opposite sex who has the same religion as they do. This is going to be a tough job for the Muslim girl or boy however, as the time goes modern, the technologies are also modernized.

One of the opportunities a single Muslim man or woman can seize is joining into matchmaking websites. There are lots of websites out there who offer matchmaking and one of these websites is the http://www.hummarriage.com/.

Hum Marriage is a global marriage bureau in Asia, which offers matchmaking services to single individual who are willing to marry already, especially those Muslim men and women. The Hum marriage can assure you that the matchmaking is done in a way that the two individuals will be harmonized in appearance, character and of course, inner soul.

Doctor shaking hands with Arabic family

With that, here are the reasons why Hum Marriage is the best matchmaking website for you:

•    Ready to marry clients. It is thoroughly checked by the staffs and personnel of http://www.hummarriage.com/ that the clients are in marriageable age and mindset already. The said website is very professional in dealing with it and the database that they are using is updated from time to time.
•    Professional yet Warm staffs. If this is your first time using a matchmaking website, you do not need to worry anymore because the staffs are well trained to help you and are very professional. They are also well trained to be knowledgeable on their task and they can surely assist you until you find your best partner.
•    Confidential information. If you are a very private individual and does not want the world to know what you are up to, Hum Marriage is for you. We can assure you that the information that you provided as well as the transactions made will be kept and treated with the utmost confidentiality.
•    Cool customer service The staff is very friendly and are eager to help you with every questions or inquiries that you might have. The staffs have the knowledge, which might be supplemental in your quest on finding your future spouse, and if you have issues regarding your transactions, they are more than happy to assist you with it.
•    Success Rate The rate for a successful marriage through the hum marriage is increasing from time to time. This is because the matchmaking is well internalized and the veteran and professional matchmakers pick this carefully. Also, the success of the marriage is already expected because the Hum Marriage made it sure that the individuals will be in harmony depending on their personality, age, social standing and even appearance.

Do not hurry in finding your better half. They are only around the corner and are patiently waiting for you to notice them.

A Place with Southern Hospitality


If you have plans to stay at a certain island to be away from all the work and stress for awhile rather than going to fancy hotels or resorts, it would be better to stay at a bed and breakfast place where you can enjoy southern hospitality and all the local culture that you can experience. To enjoy this bed and breakfast experience with you family is a better option because this service is made not only to relax but also to experience the culture, the scenery, the hospitality, the food made from local ingredients, and many more.

These places are made for a family setting and the service done by the owner and the staffs is more on treating you as part of the family than just being a guests which is not present in other stay-in places such as hotels, motels, rental homes, and more. These places are commonly run by a small family willing to serve guests to give them that wonderful experience. Some people think that these are just in certain places but in reality these bed and breakfast places are found at almost anywhere in the world where you can find a naturalistic place that it is set. If you are interested in knowing more of bed and breakfast, you can look it at http://kingsheadrye.co.uk.

Q476MTY9SJThere is something different from every bed and breakfast place but one thing is sure common and that is that they will provide you with southern hospitality and make sure that you will be satisfied with their service. These places are more on giving guests the freedom to do what they want without too much monitoring. With this service, you can appreciate nature more for these places are usually set at either in the mountains or nearby the sea where you can look at how beautiful nature is and how it can give you so much comfort by just being there.

If you are concerned that these bed and breakfast being too far off from the modern world because it is more into the traditional setting, you do not need to worry too much because these places being traditional still gives a modern feel to it for most of these bed and breakfast now offer WIFI connection since this is one of the most common desire and need of guests, and these places also offer other modern services that will not only entertain the guests but also make sure that the guests are far away from their stress life. These places are also regulated by the law to make sure that the place is indeed safe to stay in because it is of great importance that all guests are safe from any incident.

If you are a tourist and in need of a place to stay, take bed and breakfast into consideration for you would not only be staying in a place just for a stay but also have a memorable experience where it will truly satisfy your needs.

What is a Marquee Hire?


First things first, what is a marquee and what is the use of it? A marquee is just the same as a tent however it is not intended for sleeping. A marquee is a big tent that is usually being used in big celebrations such as weddings, religious events, fairs, circus and corporate entertainment as well. Marquee hire is a company that is offering different kinds of marquees that you can use for your events. They have many options to choose from and absolutely would be very helpful for the event that you want to arrange. This website http://www.aabellmarqueehire.co.uk can give you more thoughts about marquee hire.

Traditionally marquee is made of PE or polythene, canvass, or PVC. Do-it-yourself marquee can be more expensive because of the materials cost. You will also need special equipment and skills to erect the tent and that is why it is recommended to rent a marquee instead. Companies that are offering marquee hire have these large tents and are being maintained by skilled professionals. They also do the installation since they are trained on how to properly install marquee for your event. It is also guaranteed that the installation is perfect and there will be no problem on the event itself. You just need to relax while waiting for the installation to be finished.

circus-678047_960_720Marquees are composed of canvas or PVC (which has higher quality), poles which are for the center and sides, and the guide ropes. Those will be attached on the ground, hammered on soft surfaces like on the field or lawn. PVC was introduced to be used because the material is easier to maintain and clean and that would be giving a longer rent life span for the owners. Marquee hires are being maintained properly and carefully so the next people who will be hiring the marquees can still benefit from it.

It is not only in different events where you can hire marquees, you will also notice marquees in golf tournaments, small concerts, retail events, and other sporting affairs. A marquee tent is really versatile that you can use it in many different kinds of occasions. You just need to look for a company that you can trust in installing and erecting the marquee. The decorations or design can be included by them depending on what you will be discussing about the inclusions. Surely they will offer their service about decorations or it will be upon your discretion.

It is good thing that there is an alternative option for a venue other than hotels and events places. You can choose now marquee hire for any events that you want to arrange especially on open spaces. Marquee hire is ideal for weddings and small concerts if you want to do it outside a building. For some, it is more comfortable to celebrate events outside a building and do it using a marquee. Thanks to the marquees for hire in making these things happen. Marquee hire can really make a big difference to the event that you would like to arrange.