Tips on making your wedding simple but elegant

Planning a big and grand wedding could definitely cost you a large amount of money. Weddings nowadays are known for being grand and extravagant, but there is also nothing wrong if you choose to keep it simple. If you and your future partner in life chooses to have a simple and private wedding then it’s totally okay.

Weddings doesn’t really have to be extravagant, sometimes it’s all about the how to make use of what you have and especially, the solemnity of the celebration. It is actually possible to have a simple but elegant wedding while just sticking to a smaller budget. It’s all about tracking your expenses, listing your priorities, having an open mind and being creative.

Discuss and list the important elements of the wedding

6640004391_50e84beba7_zYou may choose 4 to 5 items on your wedding that you want to be handled by professionals, such as the venue, the wedding cake, the photography, the bridal gown, and the flowers. You could look into some websites, like, which could help you in the flower arrangements in the venue of the wedding ceremony and in the reception area.

Hire a wedding planner

You may think that hiring a wedding planner may be expensive but know that they are very useful since they have a lot of ideas in mind that they could share to you, and also they have a lot of connections to wedding venues, florists and caterers. You can try to search in the web if there are wedding shops in your area that offers wedding planning services at low rates, like

Keep a limited guest list

The best way to keep a wedding simple but elegant at the same time is to invite only a few people. Invite only the people who are very close to your heart like your closest relatives, and your best of friends.

Have a bespoke wedding dress and tuxedo

One of the ways to in making your wedding elegant is to have a custom-made wedding dress and tuxedo. You may want to invest a little more on this item, and just look for shops where you could rent some gowns for your bridesmaids and tuxedo for your groomsmen. It is your special day anyway so there is no harm in spending a little more on this.

Make your own invitation

Making your own invitation could save you a considerable amount of money compared to hiring someone to do it for you. Also, a personalized invitation is much sweeter because it really comes from your heart and your guests would really appreciate it. You can browse through the internet if you want to see some wedding invitation ideas.

Remember that most of the precious moments in life are those simple and quiet moments but are very intimate and very heart-warming. When the big day has come, seize every moment and own it. Don’t mind the small stuff and always wear a smile, be happy and feel happy.