The Popular Metal Rail Nut and the Big Companies That Supply Them

When you go down the road on the streets going directly to your job, you will see different types of transportations: buses, trains, tricycles, motorcycles, cars, etc. Going back home, you pass-by some companies who manufactures one of these transportations.

When you will visit inside their factories, you will see how their workers assemble the parts of their vehicular products. One of the widely and known tools in installing the equipment is a metal rail nut. Rail nut have an eight equal parts and has its own self-lock; this is made up of steel that can be reapplied. Check out metal rail nuts available here:

Buying Metal Rail Nut

There are different kinds of rail nuts:

  1. DIN 980: It contains pure steel with a rubber ring screw. It comes in different sizes 8,10 and 12
  2. GSL to ISO 2320
  3. HUP HMP accompanied by a nylon fit in screw
  4. EUM accompanied by a nylon fit in screw with installed rubber ring
  5. ERM with assembled rubber ring (UNF, BSF, BW, UNC and metric)
  6. HFR ESL
  7. SRF attachment, an HFR class

Metal rail nuts are manufactured by many companies. It is distributed by a packaged deal and delivered according to the companies transport. Before purchasing metal rail nuts, you have to consider the qualities and its durability of how it was made:

  • The steel rail nut should be able to withstand excessive temperature, erosion and vibration.
  • It should have a complete outline and a genuine nylon, fit in the rail nut.
  • It should be in upper level machinery, have an easy installation screw and an excellent density.
  • It can be applied as a support or have an upholstered repair upon factory production.
  • It can be applied as a horizontal upward line connection and a narrow path alignment.

There Are Four Known ‘Hexagon Nuts Suppliers That Manufactures This Type Of Screw:

  • China Manufacturer. This company is located at Shandong China (Mainland) which supplies the Gr5 titanium hexagon nut M10*1.5*10. It is one of the top 3 suppliers in the market. Its known products are milling and turning tools with US$5 million sales yearly.

  • Standard Din 929 End Plain Hexagon Weld Nut Supplier. The company originated from Zhejiang, China (Mainland) with 11-50 workers. This trading manufacturer was built in the year 2010 and they can produce 200 Ton/tons monthly of hexagon weld nut.

  • Chuanghe Fastener Company. The company is situated at Guandong, China (Mainland). The name of its brand is “chuanghe” with a model number of CH-Nut-07. Their product tool consists of torque and hardware test. The materials that they used are stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc. Their product is highly durable. They are quick in delivering their product.

  • Taiwan Supplier Hexagon Slotted Nut. This company is located in Taiwan and the name of its brand is ‘SJ’ their product consists of stainless steel or steel. They deliver their products in 60-90 days or depending upon the demand of their customers.

Visit for variety of hexagon nuts. The metal rail nuts as well as hexagon nuts are very important to vehicles, rails and railroads in order to make supportive connections for the device to be durable. It mobilizes the equipment in order to use it comfortably.


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