Why Shockwatch is amazingly useful?

Without Shockwatch to monitor our products during transit, we would be worrying a lot about its safety. It is like a nanny to our children coming over to us by train, or a flight attendant who takes care of our child as she flies by plane alone to our side. The fragility of the item is indicated on the label so that the handlers of the carrier can check it out from time to time.

Usefulness of Shockwatches

It’s like having a guardian looking over your valuables during the journey when you cannot be there and must rely on the handlers of the carriers. Basically this is what Shockwatches does. See http://www.shockwatch.co.uk for more information. But more than that, peripheral uses include being able to do damage control when it is needed. The label of shockwatch would alert the handler with a red colour which they can respond to and fix the equipment before further damage happens.

Other times, it’s really a guardian against unscrupulous personnel in the carrier who may want to steal your products. This will ward them off or if they are not aware of such devices on to the packages, the accountability is undeniable.

This device is useful to the following products: glass objects, hard drives of computers, car parts, electronics, furniture and more. It protects the hard drive of computers by showing when the package has tilted to a degree that has made the computer shaken. Glass objects are perishable and should be cared for. Fragile are packaged well but there is a point somewhere in transit wherein damage may happen and Shockwatch can pinpoint exactly when this happens.  Car parts may have dents when they arrive unless Shockwave shows a red signal that spells alarm. Furniture wrapped in bubble wrap need delicate handling, and electronics are fragile equipment that need to be under surveillance for most of the time.

Sometimes, it is just a matter of warranty claims. If you know at which point things went south, you know where to collect a warranty claim, from the manufacturers of your equipment or the carrier who transported your goods.

If you are at a business of exporting goods, these devices may just be the precise things for you to reduce the losses of goods in transit. It would be good for the business and easy on the budget. Less damage means more profits when looking at this from a business perspective. We may not get everything in perfect shape, but we can at least minimize the losses.

Shockwatches lessens the impact of damage. This is what we perceive on the upfront. But there is more to that, as we discover along the way. It is a good system to enter into our businesses by learning it

reduces loss. We also learn that we can get warranties from the proper responsible party, when considering at which point the equipment was damaged, and if the damage is done by either the carrier or there has been suspicion of bad quality on the manufacturer’s part. All these are useful things about Shockwatch to consider. Kindly visit our website: http://www.shockwatch.co.uk for more information.


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