Why Should You Become A Baker

Looking at it on the surface, a job as a baker is an ideal job. Creating art from pastry and cakes and standing enjoying the waft of sugar and buttery layers of filo and flaky pastries must be fun! Bakers, pastry chefs and other people who work to make biscuits, cakes and bread spend their time surrounded by food and dealing with customers, selling the things they’ve created. Training to be a baker is tough – the hours start early in the day so as to get out the bread and rolls for the people of the day. There are some clear benefits to becoming a baker or Cake Maker Leeds and those benefits surround the joy you feel when you create something that others can enjoy. The local baker is able to easily gain popularity in the neighborhood simply by producing a product that makes many people happy.

The local bakers of the area you live work very hard to ensure they’re creating sweet and savoury things that they know you will come back for more, making their business a success. Unlike having to go the dentist or stand in line to get a driver’s license, buying cookies and cupcakes and choosing sandwich fillings for work lunches puts people in a good mood. Clients also order baked goods for uplifting events like weddings and birthdays. Like any other business, bakers of course can run into grumpy and demanding customers, but in general, their money-making product puts a smile on consumers’ faces. Customer happiness drives the business of a baker and this is a good reason to become one: people have to eat so you know they’ll come back.

A job in a bakery keeps you mobile all day. The work that goes into kneading loaves of bread if you don’t have a large machine doing it for you is  hard work and unless you’ve had experience making bread at all, you’ll know the sheer effort that goes into each loaf. The baker’s job keeps you moving. It is not a mundane desk job by any stretch of the imagination and it is long known that desk jobs can take a toll on your health, so the physicality of being a baker has its advantages. While a baker may be exposed to more opportunities to put on some weight by eating her creations, the physical movement helps improve health and keeps your heart healthy. Obviously without eating an abundance of sausage rolls, you can keep your body young.

A typical day for a baker involves gathering ingredients and cooking utensils before putting together a recipe and placing the items in the oven for baking. It also involves greeting customers and taking orders. All of these tasks keep a baker active. For individuals who don’t like the typical 9-5 work schedule, becoming a baker could be an ideal career switch. While some bakers do have traditional schedules, there are also positions that work into all hours of the night and into the early morning. Fresh bakery items are distributed to stores before they open for their regular shopping hours. These items are at times made overnight by bakers. Therefore, becoming a baker could appeal to a night owl.

For the artistic types who are looking for a career with a creative outlet, becoming a baker or cake maker is a unique choice. While part of a baker’s job entails following set recipes, decorating the item takes creativity. Concocting cake designs is one area where the creative types can use their creative sides. Bakers also meet with clients to discuss what baked goods they need for upcoming events. Therefore, becoming a baker allows artsy individuals to get into the creative process of planning events too.


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